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Leakage allowance

In the event of a leak, the first thing to do is locate and turn off your stop tap. If the leak is on your private pipework, you’ll need to contact a plumber to fix the problem. Once the leak has been repaired, you may then be entitled to make a leakage allowance claim.

What is a leakage allowance?

Following a leak you may be entitled to claim back the cost of the lost water on a once-only basis. Unfortunately, if you have another leak you will not be able to claim again. As you’d expect, we have to carry out a host of checks before we’re able to grant you an allowance and may have to visit your property to confirm the location of the repair and any other information.

What else do I need to know?

We do not give allowances for leaks on private equipment such as toilets, taps and boilers. Your household insurance should be used to cover these claims.

Non-household customers are entitled to a 50% allowance for excess over average use for water.

If you think you’re entitled to a leakage allowance simply complete our claim form. Please note, bills will still be sent to you during this period.

If you think you have a leak but can’t find it, let us help.

If your query is urgent call our 24-hour Customer Centre on 0800 085 8033.