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Recite Me

Recite Me is a web accessibility tool which allows you customize our website to meet your needs. Recite Me can help you if you use a screen reader or if you need our content to be translated into another language. It can also help you if you have dyslexia.

You don't need to download or install anything to you use Recite Me.

To launch Recite Me, click the 'Accessibility Options' link in the top right of your screen (or under 'More' in the menu if you're on a mobile). 

With Recite Me you're able to: 

  • Play the text aloud 
  • Increase and decrease the text size
  • Change font 
  • Change the background, text and link colours 
  • Use a reading ruler 
  • Highlight a word to discover its meaning using a dictionary feature
  • Magnify what is on the screen
  • Translate the website into Welsh 
  • Remove images and view the page as plain text

There is a full Recite Me feature list on their website, and you can download or view a user guide [PDF] there too.

Screen readers

Please be aware that on forms such as the direct debit instruction, there can be explanatory information between fields.  This may not be read aloud if your speech browser remains in forms mode.

Adjusting the text size

If the text on the site is too small for comfortable reading, you can make it bigger on Internet Explorer by selecting Text Size from the View menu.

Our accessibility statement

We work hard to ensure that our services are available to all - irrespective of any disability.  This applies to our website too.  Our new site has been built following expert advice.  We also welcome feedback (both positive and negative) from our customers, and are committed to maintaining a high level of accessibility.

Access online registration form

Register for access services online by completing our access services registration form.

Contact us

Our help and contact section can help if you have any problems accessing information or services on our website. If you are still unsure, you can contact us on different platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp.