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Disconnections and reconnections

We understand that on the odd occasion you may need to disconnect the water at your property. However it’s important to understand the different options available so you don’t suffer any unnecessary costs or headaches.

Here's what you need to know

  • If your request relates to a business premises, please refer to your Retailer who must submit this request. If you're unsure who your retailer is please check your latest bill. You can find out information on the open market for non-household customers also.
  • If your water supply also serves another customer’s property we may have to separate the existing supply first – at your cost.
  • We’re unable to disconnect the water supply if the property is still occupied.
  • If applying for permanent disconnection, the registered owner of the property needs to give written authorisation.
  • If you’re a commercial property owner you may still face surface water drainage charges once disconnected, as you’ll still be benefitting from the service.