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Requesting a water or sewer map

We have a large library of maps that cover our water mains and sewerage network.

1. Check

Check that your site or property is within the Hafren Dyfrdwy area [PDF] before requesting an underground asset map.

We do not hold records of private assets within private property boundaries

2. Register

You can access the library of maps using DigDat.

You'll need to visit the DigDat website and register for an account.

You can view Digdat's user guide [PDF] to find out more about how the service works.

3. Request

Once you've confirmed your site is in our area and you've registered for a DigDat account, you'll be able to search for any location you need information about.

When you search, you can buy datasets from utilities companies - including us - about the services they provide in that area.

There is a charge for each dataset you download.

Waste water and clean water information are on separate datasets. You pay for each one you need, however if you need both waste and clean water information you'll be able to buy both at the same time for a discounted price.

Statutory Access

If you believe you have a statutory purpose to obtain a copy of our water mains and sewerage network records then please register a Digdat account and follow Step 4 in the Digdat user guide.

You will need to provide documentation in support of your application.

Viewing Our Records

You can book an appointment online to view maps at our offices. 

Check that your site is within the Hafren Dyfrdwy region before requesting an underground asset map

Get in touch

If you need any help with Digdat please contact the Digdat Support Team by email via