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Surface water drainage

For most of our customers, the rain that falls on their roofs, driveways and other parts of their property drains away to a public sewer. This is called surface water, and we include the cost of removing it in the sewerage charges on your bill. However there are some properties where surface water does not drain into a public sewer. If you own such a property, you may be able to claim for a reduction in your sewerage charges.

How to apply for a reduction

We understand it can sometimes be tricky to identify if your surface water drains to a public sewer. You can always contact us and we'll be happy to look into this for you.

If you live on the borders of our region, you may receive sewerage services from another water company. Your bill will clearly state if this is the case. If you do you may not be able to claim a lower sewerage charge, however we’d suggest you still contact the other company and ask the question.