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Connecting to water and sewers

Every year we connect around 15,000 new properties to our water and sewage networks. Ranging from new homes and commercial buildings to blocks of flats and horse troughs, it’s our job to make sure every new connection is fit for purpose.

Need help connecting?

Whatever property you’re looking to develop, you’ll find all the information you need in our dedicated Building and Developing area.  There’s also a host of useful tools including flow rate and connection fee estimators along with all the latest water fittings regulations.

Already made alterations?

If you’ve altered your household or business premises, or plan to do so in the very near future, it’s important you let us know. This way we can make sure our records are up-to-date and more importantly you’re being billed correctly.

What does Hafren Dyfrdwy consider an alteration?

The following list covers what we would consider substantial alterations, however if you’re unsure just give us a call us on 0330 678 0679.

  • One property being split to form two or more separate properties;
  • Two or more properties being merged to form one single property;
  • A material change in property usage for example commercial premises becoming a household (or vice versa);
  • Work that either increases or decreases the size of your business premises (where planning permission is required);
  • The demolition of a property .

If you have altered your household or business premises (or are planning to do so), it is important that you let us know.

If you are not the individual named on the Hafren Dyfrdwy bills to this property, we might contact you to provide evidence (such as a planning application) that you are acting on behalf of the tenant, landlord or owner.

Is your home connected right?

If you think you’ve spotted a misconnection or would like to report a pollution then please contact us