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Water mains - new site

Step 1: Before you apply

There are some key things you need to know before you’re ready to apply for a new water main. Once you have considered each of these you are all set to send us your application.

This information is for the application process of a new water main being laid into the site and the service connections on site being connected to the new main.

If you're building a small number of properties that front an existing main or you choose to lay long services down to our main visit the new house page.

Before you apply for a new water main we would expect that you have had planning permission approved for your new development site.

If planning permission has not yet been approved and the development type could still change but you need to know if the development can be supplied with water you should complete a development enquiry application (PDF).

To allow the application to be progressed we will need a detailed site layout plan showing the new access and road layout and the outline of the properties in CAD format.

To allow us to assess our network and ensure we have enough water to supply your development we need to know the property types and the water usage required, this will allow us to size and design the new water mains.

If you choose to submit a developer enquiry before you make a full application we will have provided you with a plan showing where our water mains are and the possible connection points.

If not you can request a copy of our water mains plan

If there are existing water or sewer mains that cross your development site you will need to divert them or plan your site around them. This will have been advised if you have previously submitted a developer enquiry.

If you know you need a Hafren Dyfrdwy asset diverting you can get more information and a diversion application (PDF).

Any work you need to carry out within third party land will need to have been agreed with the land owner prior to the work going ahead and may need legal easements.

If Hafren Dyfrdwy are required to carry out this work to make a connection we will arrange for the relevant permissions.

If not, you will need to find out.

We need to be sure your new water mains, supplies and network cannot be contaminated from anything in the ground. A Soil Analysis Report, also known as a Ground Investigation Report, will need to be submitted with your application for assessment.

If you do not have a report available or choose not to complete one, all pipework will be installed in protective pipework. Please note that if your site includes, or is within 100m of a petrol station or industrial buildings, protective pipework will also be required.

If you know of any previous water supplies to the site and can provide us the details you may be able to reduce the cost of the infrastructure charges.

More information on soil reports and infrastructure charges can be found in our FAQs.

Any costs and offer letters issued are valid for a period of 6 months so please bear this in mind when making your application to avoid incurring additional re-quote charges.

Step 2: Apply

How do I apply?

You'll need to complete a water mains application form and send it to us along with the following supporting information:

  • A location plan;
  • A copy of the valid planning permission for the site;
  • Evidence that the applicant owns site;
  • A soil analysis report;
  • A schedule detailing plot numbers and service pipe sizes;
  • A schedule detailing fittings in any commercial premises;
  • The application fee payment (see our current Development Charges);
  • The site layout plan in AUTOCAD.

Once we've received your application we'll confirm that we've got it and send you a reference number. Your application will then be assigned to a member of our team who will be your point of contact during the design stage.

When you're ready to apply download our water mains application form (PDF).  

Step 3: Quotes/ Agreements

How much is it going to cost?

This is dependent on the type of development, the number of properties being built and the construction period. Sometimes a new water main can be installed at no cost to a developer. The reason for this is that we offset the amount of income that new properties will generate over a 12 year period against the construction cost of the new main.

There are also a number of build options available to a developer. What work is carried out and by who, will change the cost. When we get the application form, we'll check our network for capacity, complete the design and calculate the costs. We'll send you an options letter which will give you the costs for the following options:

  • Lay only – here Hafren Dyfrdwy will install the main but the developer will undertake all on site preparation including excavation of trenches. Once the main has been laid the developer is then responsible for backfilling and constructing chambers for valves etc - sections and lids provided by Hafren Dyfrdwy.
  • Hafren Dyfrdwy to excavate, lay and back fill – here we'll do all the site preparation, excavation and backfill including construction of chambers.
  • Self Lay – here the developer will choose a Lloyds accredited SLO to do the work. If you choose this option, a Self Lay Agreement will be issued. Please see our self lay page for more information.

You have 6 months to tell us which option you've chosen, and once we know we can send you the relevant legal agreement, which you'll need to sign and send back to us with the associated payment.

All of the individual properties on the site will need a service connection. Once an agreement is in place, and when you're ready for the service connections, we can send you the costs for each plot connection, e.g. you may want to get plots connected in blocks of 10.

Step 4: Installation of new mains

Once the agreements are complete we will then liaise with our term contractors regarding scheduling the works and a start date for the installation of the new main. Before works commence onsite a prestart meeting will be held with you to agree a programme of works. A site contact will be assigned to the site as your key point of contact for onsite work.

The new mains will be constructed, tested and commissioned. Once the new mains are connected onto our existing network they become our responsibility and will be updated on our records.

Step 5: Inspection & connection of services

Who does this and how?

Once the new main is in you can lay the property service pipes to the new highway boundary or up to the new water main. If you've told us that you want Hafren Dyfrdwy to connect the property/plot connections then as you accept and pay for each individual plot we'll arrange for our inspector to visit site to sign off the service pipe installation. Once the inspection is passed, we'll schedule a date for the individual plot connections. We'll then connect the properties and install the water meters.

If the plumber who is installing your services is WaterMark approved, you'll need to give us their details, along with the payment for the connection. We'll then schedule the connection without inspection in most cases (we do carry out a random selection of audit checks on site).

If you've chosen to use a self lay contractor to install your services, you simply need to tell us when each property is connected and when the water meter is installed. For more information visit the self lay page.

Step 6: Bill

As soon as you know the postal address of the properties and before they are sold you need to provide us with this information to allow us to correctly set up the billing account for the new property. Once this account is set up the new occupier can then register their details and we will issue the water/sewerage bill.

If you require more detailed information on our process - please read our guidance documents.