Help with your account

Useful guides to help you with your account, from bills and payments to moving home.

Your bills

Understanding your bill

Explaining what each part of your bill means.

Read the guide to understanding your bill.

Billing by Rateable Value

How you're charged for your water if you don't have a meter.

Read the Rateable Value guide.

Understanding the highway drainage charge

Explaining what the highway drainage charge is and why you pay it.

Read the highway drainage guide.

Explaining the unmetered fixed charge

Information about the unmetered fixed charge, including who pays it and why.

Read the unmetered fixed charge guide.

Your payment options

Choosing your payment method

There are many ways you can pay your bill. You can choose the payment method that best suits your needs, from a range of payment options.

Read our guide to your different payment options.

How we can help you

Getting Priority Services

If you or somebody in your household has additional needs - such as a medical condition, disability, restricted mobility, or low hearing or vision - the Priority Services Register could help.

Read our help when you need it guide.

Help with paying your bill

How our financial support schemes could help you manage your bill payments.

Read our help with paying your bill guide.

Our service explained

How we use the money we get from your bill payments.

Read the guide to our services.

Your water and supply

Supply interruptions

Why your water supply may get interrupted and what we can do to help you.

Read our supply interruptions guide.