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Billing by Rateable Value

If you’re not on a water meter, it’s likely that you’re billed according to your property’s Rateable Value.

Switching to a water meter

The most accurate way for you to pay fairly for the water you use is to be billed using a water meter. You can switch to a water meter for free.

It costs nothing to install and you can trial it for a year. If you feel like a water meter isn’t right for you, you can switch back to unmetered bills at any point during that year.

It’s not always possible to fit a water meter at a property. If this is the case for you, we’ll talk to you about your options for other forms of unmetered billing.

How we use Rateable Value to calculate your bill

To calculate Rateable Value bills, we multiply the property's Rateable Value by the tariff charge. This provides the total annual bill amount.

If the size of the property, or the amount of people living in it, has changed since April 1990, the Rateable Value may not be accurate.

You may benefit from cheaper bills if you switch to a water meter