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Moving home
Let us know if you’re moving within our area (so long as it’s not more than 28 days in the future) and we’ll make sure everything’s sorted.

Moving within our area

The easiest and simplest way to move home with us is to do it online  

You can let us know about your move anytime, provided it’s not more than 28 days in the future. If you are unsure whether your new home is one we supply you can check on our supply map.  We can also check that for you when you change the address.  

My move date is more than 28 days in the future

Please come back to your online account when the move is within 28 days and you can update this easily online, if you still want to do the move today please click the pink chat button to chat to us online.

Can I tell you who is moving into my old property?

Yes, simply advise us of their names during the moving home process and we can update their details too. If you don’t know their details don’t worry, you can still proceed without them.  

I won't be paying the bills at my new home

Just let us know you're not responsible for paying the bills at your new home during the moving home process.

What if my water is metered?

We need a final meter reading on the day you move home. If your new property has a meter, you should also take a start reading on the day you move in. Don’t worry if you can’t read the meter on the day, we’ll estimate the final bill based on your previous usage. If you are not sure where your meter is, or how to take a reading visit our water meters section for advice.