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How to find and read your meter

Water meters can be fitted inside or outside your home. If you've just moved in or you've not had to check your meter before, it can be difficult to find.

Accessing your meter if it's outside

Lift the cover and underneath there may be a foam or polystyrene disc. This protects your meter from frost, so please make sure you replace it. If there's condensation on the glass gently tap it and it should clear, allowing you to take a reading. Sometimes outdoor meters can be difficult to access. For example, it may be located in the road, or the cover may be heavy. If this is the case for your meter, please do not attempt to access it. Instead contact us by calling 0345 7090 646.

Help with reading your meter

When reading your water meter, you only need to record the black numbers. Depending on the type of meter, it may have four or five black numbers. The black numbers on the meter show the amount of cubic metres of water you have used. The red numbers record tenths and hundredths of a cubic metre. We charge for every cubic metre, so you only need to record the black numbers.


For outdoor meters it can be difficult to be sure it is the right one. Check the serial number on the meter and on your bill are the same. The serial number is displayed on your bill under the heading 'Meter number'. You can also watch how to read you meter reading from Mike...