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Understanding the unmetered fixed charge 

We’re committed to making our bills clear to understand, and fair to our customers.

We recently asked a sample of unmetered customers what they thought would be the fairest way for us to charge them for water.

The majority told us that being charged for what you use is the fairest way of being billed.

Moving all customers to meters would be the simplest way to achieve this, however we know that may be too much of an increase for some customers currently on low rateable value charges.

To help with this, we have introduced a fixed charge for customers billed by Rateable Value.


Switching to a water meter

If your payments do increase as a result, you may want to apply for a water meter so you only pay for the water you use, rather than pay based on an average, estimated figure.

It’s free to have a meter fitted and you have two years to trail the meter. During that time you can decide to switch back to unmetered bills at any time if it’s not right for you.

Financial support if you’re struggling to pay

If you’re struggling to pay your bill, don’t worry. We have several financial support schemes and payment options that can help you.