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Replacing an existing supply

You might choose to replace the existing supply to your house if you're on a shared supply with a neighbouring property, if it's a lead service pipe or if you require an upsize to an existing connection.


We offer a free replacement water connection if you live in an existing domestic property which has a water service pipe that is lead. The replacement connection we make will be 25 mm diameter and will be connected to the same water main as the existing supply. You will need to lay a new 25 mm service pipe out to the highway boundary. It is only available if the following is true:   

  • The property is occupied and has an existing active water account.   
  • The building is not undergoing a change of use or renovation by a developer who is selling the property.

If you meet the above criteria you and would like to apply please go to our Lead pipe replacement page for further information.

If you're currently on a shared supply with your neighbour and you would like to have a single supply we can help with this. To apply and for more information about the process and cost for this please go to our shared separation scheme page.

If you don't meet the above criteria and you would like your existing water connection replacing or upsizing, you'll need to apply for a new connection. To find out more on how to apply go back to our home page and choose the relevant development type.


Any change to an existing sewer connection requires our Approval i.e. change of development, flows, utilising an existing connection? You can't connect to a public sewer without approval from us.

These are the high level process steps for a new connection to an existing sewer

Step 1

Things you need to know before you apply.

Step 2

You apply and submit any relevant documentation.

Step 3

We issue an approval.

Step 4

You make a connection.

Step 5

We inspect.

Step 6

We adopt or sign off.

Find out more about how to get connected to the public sewer

Find out more on how to get connected to the public sewer by reading our detailed step-by step process and things you need to know before you apply, by selecting 'read more'.

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