Building and Developing

Shared separation scheme

What is a shared supply?

If you live in a terraced property, you may have shared supply. If you are not sure, try looking for the external stop tap which is usually located in the pavement or on the boundary of your property). If there is an external stop tap for every house then you are on single supply. If there is only one external stop tap for a block of houses then you share a supply with your neighbours.

Why would I want to replace my pipework?

If you're experiencing intermittent poor flow, you could be on a shared supply with your neighbours and may benefit from a separation. If none of the below bullet points are applicable please complete this application form.

If any of the below bullet points are applicable you will need to complete a new connection application form. To find out more on how to apply go back to our home page and choose the relevant development type.  

New premises   

  • A premise being converted into additional units (e.g. House converted into flats)   
  • A barn conversion   
  • Commercial premises   
  • Your Hafren Dyfrdwy account is in arrears or we have no occupier account for the property   
  • The existing pipe is not shared   
  • You have not separated from the previous shared supply   
  • The building is undergoing renovation by a developer or the building is undergoing change of use   
  • The required company owned service pipe exceeds 25mm outside diameter   
  • The connection is required in a different position to the original company owned service pipe   
  • The property is not linked to an existing Hafren Dyfrdwy account   
  • The property is not occupied. 
  • If none of the above are applicable you can view how to test your flow and our application process below.

Test your flow

If you think you have poor flow/pressure please follow these steps:   

  • Run the cold tap in the kitchen or downstairs bathroom/utility room   
  • Turn your internal stop tap off and on about six times (this is usually under the kitchen sink or downstairs utility room)   
  • Afterwards, have the kitchen tap open fully and time how long it takes to fill a 1-litre jug- if it takes less than 7 seconds you have good/sufficient pressure and flow into your property   
  • If it takes longer, you may have a problem with your flow/pressure please call us on 0800 085 8033.

Application process

Step 1

Things you need to know before you apply which can be read above

Step 2

You apply and submit any relevant documentation 

Step 3

We issue you a quote

Step 4

You lay services and pay

Step 5

We inspect and connect

Step 6

We update your account