Market information

We provide Water Resources Market information to enable third parties to identify where we may need additional water resources and to test how their proposals compare to our own supply options.

  • The maps below shows where our two water resource zones (WRZ) are located. The tables contains links to the following data:
    A spreadsheet (for each area) containing key market information and data on our water resources position.
  • A ‘shapefile’ (for each area) that can be used in Geographic Information Systems to depict our WRZ boundaries.

If you would like clarification of any of the information contained in the spreadsheet then please get in touch. You may also find our Trading and Procurement Code a useful reference.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Water resource market information

Water resource zones Market information tables WRZ maps
Wrexham Excel spreadsheet Shapefile
Llandinam and Llanwrin
Excel spreadsheet Shapefile
Llanfyllin Excel spreadsheet Shapefile
Excel spreadsheet Shapefile