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Drought plan

What a drought plan is and why we need it

Droughts are naturally occurring events that occur when there is below average rainfall for prolonged periods of time. We need plans to manage our system when droughts happen.

The Water Act (2003) made it a statutory requirement for water companies to produce and maintain a Drought Plan. We update these plans every five years. Our Drought Plan sets out how we will manage our resources and supply system in dry years, to maintain our service to our customers.   

In February 2014, Severn Trent Water published a Drought Plan to cover the period 2014 – 2019; this included their supply area in Powys, which now forms part of Hafren Dyfrdwy’s supply area. In July 2015, Dee Valley Water published a Drought Plan to cover the period 2015-2020; this included what is now Hafren Dyfrdwy’s Wrexham water resource zone, and the Chester water resource zone which now forms part of Severn Trent Water’s supply area.


As part of the five yearly cycle of updating these plans, we have submitted our draft Drought Plan 2019 for the period 2020-2025 to Welsh Government in March 2019. The Welsh Government gave us permission to publicly consult on this draft plan on 5 July, 2019 and we have now published the draft drought plan.

We also undertook a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), a Water Framework Directive (WFD) assessment and a Habitats Regulation Assessment (HRA) of our draft Drought Plan 2019 to take environmental impacts into account.

To request copies of the WFD and HRA assessment reports please contact us.

No information has been excluded from the Draft Drought Plan on the grounds of commercial confidentiality. It does not contain any information that would compromise national security interests.

Give us your views on the draft Drought Plan

Our consultation period runs from 15 July, 2019 to 6 September, 2019.

If you want to comment on our draft Drought Plan, the statutory Drought Plan consultation process requires that you send your comments to the Welsh Government who will then pass them on to us for review.

You can respond to our draft Drought Plan by emailing water@gov.wales. Please copy us in using the email address FutureConsultation@hdcymru.co.uk, and include the words “Hafren Dyfrdwy draft Drought Plan” in the subject header.

You can also respond by post to:

Water Policy Branch,

Cathays Park,


CF10 3NQ