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Water and sewage connections are essential for any new commercial property. Just follow our simple steps to sort out connection and gain approval.

Commercial property

If you're creating a commercial property you are most likely going to need a new water connection to our water main and a connection to the public sewer to take the sewage away. If the property needs a large amount of water, especially water used in industrial processing, you may need a large water connection and if you are disposing of this water into the sewer you might need special permission.


Each individual commercial property should have its own connection to our mains. How much water you require will determine what size connection you need. For example - for industrial processing, hotel and leisure facilities or large scale food production a large diameter connection may be required. For premises such as small offices and warehousing a standard 25mm/ 32mm connection may be suitable.

In most built up areas there's a water main in the road or footpath nearby which we can connect your property to. In more rural areas this may be further away and require a longer service pipe to be laid.

If you need a lot of water we might need to make some changes to our network to be able to deliver this.

These are the high level process steps for a new connection to an existing water main

Step 1

Things you need to know before you apply.

Step 2

You apply and submit any relevant documentation.

Step 3

We issue you a quote.

Step 4

We lay services and pay.

Step 5

We inspect & connect.

Step 6

We set up an account & issue bill.

Find out more on how to get connected to an existing water main

Find out more on how to get connected to existing water mains by reading our detailed step-by step process and things you need to know before you apply.


There are several ways of getting rid of the sewage from your property. You may choose to connect to the public sewer and let us deal with it for you.

In most built up areas there are public sewers nearby which you can connect to. In more rural areas this may be further away so you may want to consider other options such as septic tanks & soakaways. Any new connection to a public sewer will need our approval, it is illegal to connect to a sewer without our consent. Even if you are re-using an existing sewer connection we need to approve the connection and any changes to existing flows.

You may need to apply for an adoption agreement before applying to connect to the sewer. Further guidance on sewer connections and what to do before you apply to connect to a sewer.

Development enquiries

 If you’re not ready to apply for a new connection but would like to know where our mains are and whether we would need to upgrade our network to supply your property you can request a development enquiry.

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