Building and Developing

Connecting water to a commercial property

Step 1: Before you apply

There are some key things you need to know before you’re ready to apply for a new connection. Once you have considered all of these you are all set to send us your application.

Step 2: Apply

How do I apply?

You’ll need to submit the following:

  • A Water connection application (either complete the standard connection form or the large diameter connection form). If you're unsure which size connection you need - use the guidance we've provided in step 1 above.
  • A location plan –showing the site boundary in relation to existing properties /roads and the proposed route of the new water service pipe.
  • An application fee – the fee depends on the type of connection.
  • Soil report (if applicable).

You can apply on the same application form for multiple water connections to our existing water mains.

When you're ready to apply download our application forms:

Step 3: Quote

How much is it going to cost?

Once you've submitted your application we will assess your connection requirements and may arrange to visit your site.  We’ll provide you with a quote specific to your project, and for a large diameter connection we’ll detail the service pipe and water meter requirements.

For more information on our charges visit our charges page.

Step 4: Lay service & pay

Who is responsible for what?

You're responsible for installing and maintaining the service pipe from your property to the edge of the private land boundary - this point will be agreed before the quote is issued. If the main is some distance away you're responsible for installing and maintaining the service pipe up to our main.

For more information about the technical requirements for laying your service see our service pipe guidance (PDF).

We're responsible for the part of the service pipe once it leaves the private land boundary into the public highway to the water main.

Once you've installed your service pipe you need to make payment.

If you're having a large diameter connection we'll deliver the water meter to site but you would usually be responsible for constructing a meter chamber and installing the water meter. Details for this will be issued with the quote.

Step 5: Inspect & connect

Who is responsible for carrying out the connection?

Once you've laid your service pipe please contact us and we’ll arrange to come out and inspect it. If you have used a WaterMark plumber to install the service pipe you will need to provide the details with payment.

If everything is ok, we’ll arrange for our contractors to make the connections to the water main.

Step 6: Bill

You will need to provide us with the Royal Mail postal address for the new property & the occupier details of the property as soon as this is known. We will create a new account and arrange for the first bill to be sent out.

If you require more detailed information on our process - please read our guidance documents.