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Understanding your bill

We want to make sure your bill is as clear as possible, especially if you’re new to Hafren Dyfrdwy. Here we explain the bill we send you, in case you’re confused by any of the information we’ve sent you.

On the front

The front of the bill gives an overall summary of your account information and the price of your bill. On there you will find:

example of paying in installments

Information and instructions

In this box you will find information about how you can pay and what to do next. This information will be different for each account and will reflect your personal circumstances.

fresh water, waste water, surface drainage, waste water and surface drainage

On the back

The back page of your bill shows more detailed information about your account and your water use. On the back you’ll find:

example bill balance

Account activity

This shows any payments made or any adjustments to your balance since you received your last bill.

example bill

Charges breakdown

This section shows your charges in separate periods during the time that this bill relates to. For example, it will show the breakdown in charges during a time where you may have been charged a different rate. This will also show if and when there has been a change in the services we bill you for. If you’re on a water meter, it will show the breakdown of charges between each meter reading.

Messages and support

Here you will find information about how to contact us about various initiatives and support options. This could include information about how to:

  • report a problem
  • request financial support 
  • register for priority services assistance
  • receive your bills in an alternative format
  • manage your account online
  • switch to paperless billing

The information in this section may change depending on which services we think you may find useful, or the initiatives we are promoting at that time.


example daily water usage

Features for metered customers

If you are on a water meter, you will find some unique features on your bill. Because you’re on a meter, we’re able to accurately measure your water use. This means we can provide you with information that helps you compare your use to the previous bill. We can also show your average daily use in quantifiable terms, such as how many showers’ worth of water you use per day, or how many cups of tea your water use is equivalent to.

This can help you to make changes if you would like to save more water, helping you save money and be more environmentally friendly.