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Paying your water bill through your benefits

If you receive certain benefits from the Government, you may be able to pay your water bill through Water Direct, straight from your benefits payment.

Understanding Water Direct

Water Direct is a government scheme which allows you to make payments for essential services direct from your benefits. 

You may find it easier to manage your finances by having bill payments taken from your benefits payment automatically.

The Water Direct scheme gives you peace of mind, knowing that your water bill is taken care of and you can use the money in your account for something other than paying bills.

If you’re eligible for the Water Direct scheme and your application to the scheme is successful, the Department of Work and Pensions will deduct an amount from your benefits payment and use that to credit your Hafren Dyfrdwy account.


The amount taken from your benefits payment

The amount deducted for Water Direct is set by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and is calculated according to your individual circumstances.

The DWP will take a small fixed amount towards your debt, regardless of how much you owe, and some extra towards your current charges.

The amount you pay through Water Direct is usually lower than a payment plan we can offer you. It will cover the current year's charges, plus £3.75 per week towards any outstanding amount.

This is the lowest payment we can accept towards any account balance.


We won’t take action to reclaim any debt

If you have an outstanding amount on your account, we will not take any action to recover that amount as long as you’re on the Water Direct scheme.


Help if you’re struggling to pay your water bill

We have several financial support plans that could help you to lower your bill amount, or pay in more affordable amounts.