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How are we doing?

We’re here to help you, the developer, whether you're planning a small extension to your property or building a large scale development. We’re your first point of contact for all your water and sewerage enquiries, from pre-planning advice through to a new connection.

We want you to trust us to deliver on our promises and we’re committed to providing transparency about our performance, as we continuously strive to be better and drive improvements in our levels of service.

Water UK has produced a set of standards that developers and others can expect from water companies in relation to the provision of infrastructure for new developments. These standards form part of a government initiative to publish levels of service for all utility providers. They cover the performance of water companies in providing a broad range of activities which are essential for successful housing development.

To see how we're performing against these standards and how our performance compares to other water companies see here - Water Companies. Performance is published quarterly.