How to switch to paperless billing

You can switch to our free paperless billing service in just a few simple steps.

When you switch to paperless billing you can log in to your online account to access your bills, on single or multiple accounts. We'll email you each time a new bill is ready.

You can view or download your bills as a PDF any time, and print them out if you ever need a paper version. Just contact our customer care team if you want to go back to paper bills.

Register for an online account

You can skip this step if you already have an online account.

You can register to manage your account online in just a few minutes.

To register, you’ll need to enter some personal details including your:

  • postcode
  • name
  • email address

You don’t have to know your account number, but it will make signing up easier if you have it.

Activate paperless billing on your account

To activate paperless billing on your account you must:

  • Have an online account
  • Enter the email address associated to your online account

Access and download your bills online anytime

Once you activate paperless billing, all your future bills will be available through your online account.

We will email you to let you know each time your bill is ready to view online. You will also be able to download a PDF version of each bill from your online account.

If you happen to sign up for paperless billing on the day we’re producing your paper bill, you might still receive that paper version, but that will be the last one you get.

Choose the payment method that's right for you

You can pay your bill in several different ways. That doesn’t change if you switch to paperless billing. 

Just choose the payment method that’s right for you

If you’re used to taking a paper bill to a PayPoint store to make a payment, you can still do that by printing out the bill and taking it to your normal PayPoint location, or you might find it easier to pay online.

Set up paperless billing on multiple accounts

If you manage multiple accounts for various properties online, you can set up paperless billing for each account.

You’ll need to activate paperless billing for each individual account that you manage. Activating paperless billing for one property will not switch all your accounts to paperless billing.

Switching back to paper bills

We’re sure you’ll love having less paperwork to handle at home but, if you ever need to change back to paper bills just contact our customer care team. They’ll deactivate paperless billing for you.