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What is the Here2Help Scheme?

The Here2Help Scheme could offer you up to 90% off our average yearly bill. You don’t need to be behind on your bills or on benefits to apply. The scheme is available to Hafren Dyfrdwy customers who may be finding it difficult or struggling to pay their water bill and need a little extra help.

How does it work?

  • Depending on individual circumstances, customers have the opportunity to receive a reduction between 10-90% off our average yearly bill
  • It is open to all Hafren Dyfrdwy customers regardless of age, employment status, if in receipt of benefits or not
  • Eligibility is based on assessment of income and expenditure
  • Customers do not have to be in water arrears to be eligible to apply
  • The scheme lasts 12 months after which customers can reapply

How to apply:

You can apply by calling 0800 085 3053 or you can download our application and email us.

Ready to apply?

Please remember that when you are ready to apply, you’ll need your income details (a wage slip or benefits statement) as well as information on how much you spend and your regular outgoings to hand.