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Debt Support - Matching plus

We'll make payments to help you pay off what you owe on your account.

Eligibility for Debt Support - Matching Plus

To get help through Debt Support (Matching Plus), you must have: 

  • paid no more than £60 towards your account balance in the last 12 months
  • arrears on your account for at least 1 year 

How Matching Plus works

We'll pay £20 a month to help you reduce your account balance.

You must make a monthly payment of at least £20 for us to contribute.

If you make a payment of £20, we'll match that with another payment of £20.

If you pay more than £20, we'll still contribute with a payment of £20.

If you pay less than £20, we won't make a payment.

Your monthly payment

Our contribution

Over £20 £20
£20 £20
Under£20 £0


Every 12 months we'll check whether you still need the help. You'll stay on Matchin Plus for as long as you owe money on your account.

Join our Debt Support - Matching Plus

You can contact us to join Matching Plus by calling 0800 085 3053.

You'll need to give us your mobile phone number so we're able to keep in touch with you about your matched payments.

If you're unable to join Debt Support, we'll talk to you about other options. We may be able to help you through our other financial support schemes.

Help with money

If you’re in debt or struggling to pay your bills, you can get help and support from many independent charities.