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Avoid nasty blockages

Top tips for the kitchen

Follow these simple tips in the kitchen to avoid nasty blockages

Top tips for the bathroom

Follow these simple tips in the bathroom to avoid nasty blockages

Blocked pipes are often caused by people flushing items such as wet wipes, sanitary products and tampons down the loo or pouring leftover fats and oils down the sink.

Blockages can be messy and unpleasant and can cause sewage to flood back into your home which can be distressing for you and your family, along with the unwanted cost to fix the problem.You might think washing down left over fats, oils and grease down the sink with hot water is okay. But once it's all inside the pipes, it cools down quickly and sticks to unflushable items such as wet wipes.This all builds up and causes a blockage allowing nowhere for your waste water to flow, this can eventually end up flooding into your property.

Did you know?

  • We clear over 55,000 blockages every year and 75% of them are caused by the wrong things being put down the sink and toilet.
  • It costs us over £10 million every year to regularly clean sewers, a cost which is passed on to our customers.
  • Fats and greases may be liquid going down the drain, but they quickly solidify when they meet the cold sewer walls and the fat cools (even if you pour hot water down after).
  • The size of an average drain pipe is only 150mm.

A few small changes can help protect your drains from blockages and keep the sewers flowing.