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Leakage allowance

If you've had a leak at home that has impacted your bill, we may be able to help you with the cost.

We know that leaks can often be stressful and difficult to locate and repair.

If you have a leak, it’s important you get it fixed as soon as possible to prevent any damage to your home.

It's important you know who is responsible for your water pipes and that you find a reputable plumber to help with any repairs on your pipework, fixtures or fittings.

Once fixed, we’ll happily review your claim to see if we can cover the cost of any water lost due to the leak.

A leakage allowance is offered on a one-off basis and will ensure you don’t have to pay for any additional costs due to a leak. 

We’ll review your recent usage and remove any additional costs that are above your normal bill amount.


Things to consider before you make a claim

As the owner of the property

As we cover this cost on a one-time basis, it may be worth checking if you’re covered under your warranty/home insurance before completing your application.


If you rent the property

You may wish to check with your landlord if you’re covered for the additional cost of the lost water under your tenancy agreement.


The size of the leak

Leaks are unpredictable, vary in size, and often happen without you even noticing. If the leak can be covered by a small increase to your payments, you may wish to save your allowance claim for any larger leakage issues that may occur in the future. 


If you have already claimed a leakage allowance

Pipe work and fixtures and fittings in your home are your responsibility to maintain and upkeep, but we know that sometimes leaks happen unexpectedly. 

On this basis, we are happy to cover the additional cost as a gesture of goodwill on a one-off basis. 

We would recommend you ensure that you have the correct insurance cover for any future leaks that may occur.


How much the leak will cost

If you would like a full breakdown of the costs incurred by the lost water to pass on to your insurance or landlord, please contact us.


The types of leaks that are covered

It doesn’t matter where the leak was – we’ll consider all leaks for a leakage allowance.  

If you are a business or commercial customer, you’ll need to contact your retailer. They may offer a leakage allowance to you.


How to apply for leakage allowance

If your leak is now repaired, simply complete the leakage claim form.

You may still receive bills whilst we review your claim.

We’d recommend continuing to make regular payments at this time and if needed, we’ll review your payments once the claim is complete.