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Get winter ready

Around your home

How to get your home ready for winter.

In the kitchen

Avoid a blocked sink meltdown this winter.

Over time, even small amounts of food and food waste can cause a pipe to clog and block.

Cooking fat can attach to unflushable items such as wipes and sanitary products. This can cause a severe blockage and lead to sewer flooding.

Small changes to everyday habits can prevent nasty fatbergs, blockages and sewer flooding.

In the bathroom

Clogged drains or a loo you can’t flush should be the least of your worries, but blockages don't just cause a problem for you. They cause issues for your neighbours too.

There are some easy and simple actions you can take every day to help protect your drains and keep the sewers flowing for everyone.

Video guides

What to do in an emergency

Frozen pipes

If one of the pipes you’re responsible for freezes, you might be able to thaw it out yourself.

Step 1: Turn off your stop tap

Step 2: Place a hot towel or hot water bottle on the pipe

Step 3: Wait for several minutes

Turn the stop tap back on to see if water runs from your taps again

Leaks and burst pipes

If you find a leak on the pipes you’re responsible for you should: