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Report that you have a leak or drainage issue by video call

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Report a problem

If you're having a problem with your supply, we'd like to know about it so we can get it fixed as quickly as possible.

We'd find a photo helpful if you're able to get one for us, simply click the upload button to find the photo.

We really appreciate you taking the time to tell us about any problems - we may not know about them if you didn’t.

As a critical part of national infrastructure, the Government have declared that our engineers are key workers. During the Coronavirus outbreak, we'll still be out and about, fixing issues on the network to make sure we keep water flowing to homes, hospitals and other key locations, and we'll continue to take the waste water away too. It's critically important that we do this safely to make sure we do our bit to minimise the spread of COVID-19. Please answer the following questions to help us keep you and our teams safe.

If we do need to enter your home, we’ll take some extra precautions.

  • We’ll maintain a safe distance of 2 metres away from you
  • Where possible we’ll ask you to wait in a different room
  • We’ll wear gloves and use hand sanitiser
Are you, or a member of the household on the priority services register? *
Are you, or anyone in your property self-isolating due to COVID-19 symptoms? *
Is self-isolation for 7 or 14 days? *
Is there anyone living at your home who is classified as vulnerable as part of the COVID-19 guidance? *

If you or a member of your household are classed as vulnerable but are not on the priority services register, please join the register here - priority services register

What type of problem is it?

Please call us directly on 0800 783 4445 to report a flooding or pollution to help us prioritise incidents that are most impactful to our customers and the environment