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Empty Property Guide

This guide is for customers who have recently moved into a new home or have questions about a vacant property.

Moving into an empty property

We know it can be a really exciting time when you move into a new home and we want to be part of it!

Please make sure your address details are up-to-date. If we don't have your details at all, please update them as soon as possible.

It is important that we have your details as we want to provide a sustainable service that will be here now and in the future. Without knowing who or how many people are living in our area we cannot properly bill, plan for disruptions and prepare for demand on the network.

If we don’t have your details, we will try to contact you by letter. However, if we are not able to make contact with you, we will engage with our 3rd party partners who will visit
your property to establish occupancy and/ or identify property owner. Additionally, our third-party partners will carry out credit searches on your home.

Please contact us if you haven’t received a bill in the last 12 to 18 months as we may not have the right details for you.


Empty property charges

If your property is empty, you may still require water and wastewater services. For example, if you need water for use during renovation, running central heating, flushing the toilet, or simply making a cup of tea, you are required to pay for this service.

Even if you’re not planning to use any water at the property the following charges remain payable:

  • Standing Charge - Standing charge covers the cost for maintaining the infrastructure needed to supply your property once it is no longer empty. 
  • Surface water drainage - Surface Water drainage covers the cost of removing and treating water that falls on and drains from your property to the public sewer. This service helps to ensure that your property does not flood.
  • Highway Drainage - Highway Drainage is a fixed charge payable by all customers whose properties are connected to a public sewer. It covers the cost of removing and treating water that drains from streets, roads, and public common areas to our sewers. This service also helps to ensure that your property does not flood.

These charges apply to all property owners during empty periods, including landlords.

If you don’t have a meter at your property, you could apply to have one installed (free of charge). This will mean that you only pay for the water that is used at the property, this could save you money in the long run. 


If you would prefer to just have the water supply disconnected, we can arrange a disconnection which is free of charge. However, to reconnect this property a reconnection fee may be payable. Any usage charges will be cancelled from the date the disconnection confirmation is received.


Landlords and letting agents

As the property owner, landlords are responsible for charges during any empty periods.

Please keep us updated with information about your property and tenants. The easiest way to do this is by accessing the secure and easy to use Landlord TAP

It’s a great way to keep us up to date with tenancy changes at your property in just a few clicks, you can:

  • Add new properties to your portfolio
  • Tell them about changes of tenancy and changes to tenant’s details
  • Let them know when a property becomes empty
  • Inform them if you sell or no longer manage the property

Landlord TAP share this information with us automatically so we can open or close accounts for your tenants, you’ll even receive a unique transaction receipt reference for your records. You can find out more about Landlord TAP by visiting


Supporting you in difficult situations

We understand that sometimes you will find yourself in a difficult situation, for example if you or a family member has been hospitalised or gone into care. We’re here to support you through these times, so please let us know and one of customer service representatives will be able to deal with any queries you have.

In order for us to start supporting you as quick as possible, you may want to start gathering some of the following information prior to your call:

  • Address and date of birth of the person who needs support
  • Hafren Dyfrdwy account number (if available)
  • Whether the property is owned or rented
  • Up-to-date water meter reading (if available)
  • The full name, forwarding address and contact telephone number of the person or 3rd party who is legally looking after the affairs of you or your family member

Having this information will allow us to assign account ownership to someone else whilst you or your family get the support you need.

If you are currently going through the probate process please let us know and one of customer service team will be able to assist you with this. 


We can provide you and your family with long term support

We understand that sometimes you or your family need long term support. We are able to offer you tailored support by assigning you to our Priority Services Register (PSR). This is a free service and means we can learn a bit more about you and it helps us understand your specific needs.

Our PSR is here to support all, whether you or your family member are facing ill-health, financial worries, language barriers or physical/ psychological ill-health. We can help  provide support to you and your family.


More help and support

If you have any further questions about the above policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will try to answer any of  your questions.




Tell us if you've just moved to our area, if you're leaving the region, or if you're moving somewhere new and will remain a Hafren Dyfrdwy customer.