Information for retailers

As a retailer, you will find Hafren Dyfrdwy Wholesale to be reliable, responsive and easy to do business with.

Access bilateral forms

You can access bilateral forms on the Mosl website - please select the 'Forms' drop down and choose the relevant form. The form needs to be completed and sent to us by email.


Access to the planned/unplanned portal

You can login to view live information about planned and unplanned interruptions. Please access the PUP using your User ID and password provided by Hafren Dwfrdwy. If you do not have a User ID then please contact your Retail Account Manager.


We publish indicative wholesale charges for the coming year in October and these are finalised in January each year. We also notify retailers in advance when we are planning to make significant changes to the way we charge. You can read more about our charges here.

How to get in touch

For general enquiries please email the Wholesale Market Unit or contact your dedicated Account Manager.


You can contact the FSC for enquiries about your invoice on:

By email:

By phone:  02477 715904

Our operational and emergency contact number is: 0800 085 8033.  

The Operational Service Centre is open 24 hours a day seven days a week.

You should use this number to report the following (not exhaustive)

  • No water
  • Low pressure
  • Water leak/burst
  • Taste & odour