Llyn Clywedog

One of our most spectacular visitor sites, Llyn Clywedog offers majestic views across mid Wales and is an ideal habitat for wildlife. Come and visit today.

A pair of osprey have chosen our site to nest! We have closed and diverted a section of our trail to ensure their safety and nesting success.

*The closed path leads through a schedule 1 bird nesting site. Protected under the wildlife and countryside act 1981. It is a criminal offence to disturb the birds on/at or near to the nest site.

How to find us

Clywedog Dam
SY18 6NU

The site is accessible all year round. 

Y Dremfa Deg car park is open all year round.

Other car parks available are Bryntrail, Clywedog Viewpoint, and Clywedog Dam car park.

Please do not park in the car parks over night.

Due to the nature of the terrain, the paths at Clywedog are not suitable for wheelchairs or the less active.

There are many other places to enjoy the views though, with the main car park having two wheelchair accessible viewpoints.

You are welcome to walk your furry friend around the reservoir.

Please make sure to keep your dog on a lead.


General information

Some fun facts about Llyn Clywedog

  • The creation of the reservoir was driven by the increasing demands on the River Severn as a water source for Birmingham and the English midlands.
  • The dam took approximately four years to build; work started in 1963 after the passing of an Act of Parliament ordering its construction and finished in 1967.
  • Llyn Clywedog exists to regulate the flow of water to the River Severn during the winter months, and to ensure a minimum flow during the summer. 
  • The dam is 72m high and is holding back 50,000 megalitres of water.