We're asking for customer views on a new plan for drought management

We have produced our latest draft Drought Plan, and we're asking for our customers to send in their views.  The plan sets out how we will manage water resources during droughts, when there is below average rainfall for prolonged periods of time.

We're now asking for feedback and customer views on the plan, to make sure we meets all of the needs for our current and future customers while managing our network during droughts, and also taking into consideration the environment, and wider community.

Alemayehu Asfaw, Hydrologist, said, “It’s really important that we’re always thinking ahead and planning into the future, and it’s even more important that we listen to our customers and stakeholders to gain valuable information and feedback from them to help shape our plans.

“We want to make sure if we do find ourselves in drought conditions –  our customers can rely on us to make the right decisions at the right times, that will mean their water supply
is secure during a drought.”

Droughts are naturally occurring following long spells of no rainfall, and we've proposed in the plan to do our bit by increasing activity to find and fix leaks, as well as communicating with our customers at an early stage to use less water through water efficiency activities and education during drought conditions.

Alemayehu continues:  “The plan we’re launching is just a draft at this stage, and we’d really like to hear the views from our customers and stakeholders’ on our proposals.  Feedback on this initial draft will really help us to understand if our proposal meets what our customers, stakeholders and regulators expect of us.”

The consultation period will end on 6 September 2019, after which we will consider any responses and will update the plan accordingly.