Hafren Dyfrdwy details plans to help most vulnerable customers, improve service and environment, and continues to offer lowest average water bills in Wales

3rd September 2018

Water company Hafren Dyfrdwy has released details of its plans which include millions of pounds of investment, a huge increase in the number of vulnerable customers it helps and environmental improvements in Wales.

Every five years, the company puts its plans to its customers for feedback before sharing the updated version with sector regulator Ofwat, which it has done today. 

That means the main points in the plan are:

  • £19m of new investment in dams and treated water reservoirs to protect water supplies for future generations;
  • This increased investment will result in a small bill increase of 2.2% (not including inflation) by 2024/25 which is equivalent to an average of less than 0.5% over five years BUT customers continue to have the lowest average combined bills in Wales;
  • Helping twice as many people who struggle with their bills, supported by a specialist Care and Assistance team based in Wrexham trained to help customers with their specific circumstances;
  • £2.5m investment in improving 22km of river water quality;
  • Over £1m investment in biodiversity, the majority of which will be spent in Lake Vyrnwy to enhance the visitor experience and to restore 450ha of upland peat bog. Together with our partners, we have secured £1.5m Heritage Lottery Funding that allows us to leverage 60% match funding which makes this flagship scheme more affordable to our customers; and
  • Rolling out the Refill campaign to the region, together with the Welsh Government, Welsh Water and City to Sea.

Liv Garfield, Chief Executive of Severn Trent, which owns Hafren Dyfrdwy, said: “We’ve been working with customers to produce a plan we absolutely believe will improve the service we offer customers, whether in their homes or in the community. On top of that, we expect our bills to be the lowest in Wales by at least £100.

“We’ve also increased our commitment to help our most vulnerable customers, and to improve the environment where we operate and more generally.

“By doing that, we believe we can offer our customers an even better experience, while also building a lasting legacy for future generations.”

Other initiatives highlighted in the plans include protecting around 200 homes and schools by replacing customer-owned lead pipes.

Full details of the plan can be found at