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Advice for fish keepers and pet owners

If you keep fish, it’s important you are able to get detailed information about the water you’re supplied so you can take steps to keep your fish in the best possible conditions.

Many pet fish are naturally at home in rivers, lakes and seas – quite different conditions to the treated, clean water that comes through your taps from us.

Because of that, you may need to alter the amount of some substances in the water you keep your fish in.

For example, chlorine is extremely toxic for fish. You should always make sure you remove chlorine from water you use to fill your tank.

Always make sure you speak to your local pet shop, aquarium or vet to understand what conditions the fish you keep are healthiest in and whether you need any specialised equipment or plants to create the right conditions for your fish.

Special interest magazines like Practical Fishkeeping are a great source of advice too. 

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