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Where to find your water meter

Your water meter could be inside or outside your property.

How to read your water meter

We usually read your meter every six months, but there might be times when you want to read your meter yourself.

Your water meter will have its own serial number, made up of numbers and letters.

This is on the front of the meter. You'll also find your meter serial number on your bill, in the 'How we work out your bill' section.

Make sure you check the serial number when taking the reading.

It's important to make sure you're reading the right meter, not one of your neighbours' meters.


We can read your meter if you can't

If you find it difficult to check your meter you can arrange to have one of our team visit your property and take the reading for you.

Just call us on 0345 7090 646 and we’ll arrange a time and date that works for you.