Bereavement Support

Notifying all the people and organisations who need to be made aware that somebody has died can be very difficult.

We want to do what we can to help and support you during this time.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to let us know when someone has died and how we, and some of our partner organisations, could help you.

Information to give us

There are some bits of information we need to be able to close the account of the person who passed away.

When you contact us, please provide:

In some circumstances we may also need to see a death certificate, coroner’s certificate, grant of probate or letters of administration.

If the deceased person was billed using a water meter, please also provide us with an up-to-date meter reading if you’re able to.

Closing the account and forwarding correspondence

After you have given us your details and the details of the account holder, we’ll update the account and send any future bills or letters to the address you give us.

We’re unable to divert any bills or letters that may have been posted before we were made aware of the account holder’s death.

Other organisations who can help