About Us

Climate responsibility
How we are responding to climate change.

Energy management

Our energy demand

We meet our electricity demand from a combination of our own renewable energy sources and electricity imported from the national grid. To reduce our costs and environmental impacts we pursue a twin strategy of using energy more efficiently and increasing our own renewable energy generation.

We track how we are doing in these two areas by measuring our net electricity consumption.

What we're doing

We take a range of actions to reduce our energy consumption, including:
  • Regularly monitoring site energy performance, challenging current practice and identifying energy saving opportunities.
  • Delivering energy efficiency improvement work on all assets across the wholesale business such as:
    • Improving heating and lighting assets and controls.
    • Replacing or refurbishing inefficient pumps and other plant.
  • Refurbishing office sites as part of our workplace improvement programme designed to create more efficient, resilient and comfortable places to work.
  • Improving treatment processes on clean and waste water sites.
  • Reducing energy consumption in high cost periods.
  • Engaging our people to support and take responsibility for reducing our energy consumption. For example our monthly Kill-a-Watt league recognises people who achieve the best energy saving measures each month.
  • Researching and developing newer, more efficient technologies.
  • Engaging customers on water efficiency and sewer misuse. To reduce the amount of water and waste water we need to treat.

Our objective is to continually reduce our electricity consumption in line with the targets we set every year.