North Wales AMs meet with Hafren Dyfrdwy team to talk plans and apprentices

24th October 2018

Llyr Gruffydd and Mark Isherwood, regional AMs for North Wales, met with Hafren Dyfrdwy to talk about the company’s future plans.

The meeting was organised to discuss the company’s plans for 2020-2025, while also giving the AMs the chance to have a chat to Daniel Armstrong-Jones and Rhys Wingeatt, Wrexham-based apprentices with the company.

Mr Gruffydd said: “Hafren Dyfrdwy is a subsidiary of Severn Trent, which took over Dee Valley Water last year. The new company now has responsibility for water services in the Wrexham area as well as Powys and this was an opportunity to discuss their future plans. It’s important that the new company maintains the quality and reputation of the service provided by Dee Valley Water in the past.

“I will continue to monitor the company’s plans for the coming years to ensure customers in the Wrexham area get the best possible service.

“It was also good to meet Daniel and Rhys, the company’s new apprentices, and I wish them all the best in their new careers.”

Mr Isherwood said: “With Severn Trent having brought together its 115,000 customers in Wales under a new water company, Hafren Dyfrdwy, it was good to meet Hafren Dyfrdwy’s management and directors, together with apprentices from Flint and Wrexham, to discuss their plans to increase investment and improve services, whilst keeping their bills the lowest in Wales. 

“I was pleased to hear that in developing their plans for mid and north-east Wales, they spent 18 months listening and discussing the issues that are important to their customers”

Noel Hughes, Hafren Dyfrdwy team leader for Powys, said: “It was great to be able to talk Llyr and Mark through our future plans for Hafren Dyfrdwy which include millions of pounds of new investment and increased help for our most vulnerable customers.

“Alongside that, I know that Daniel and Rhys really enjoyed the opportunity to talk about their apprenticeships and about the work they do.”

Also attending from Hafren Dyfrdwy were Ann Beynon and Sally Jones-Evans, who are both non-executive directors.