Lowest bills in Wales for Hafren Dyfrdwy customers

Monday 3 February 2020

Hafren Dyfrdwy customers will continue to enjoy the lowest average combined water and waste water bills in Wales.

The company has announced today that average combined bills will be down £12 to £300, with customers still enjoying the lowest combined clean and waste water bills in Wales.

At the same time, the company will be investing almost £166m in Powys and in and around Wrexham over the next five years, while also increasing its support to customers who have trouble paying their bills.

Liv Garfield, Hafren Dyfrdwy’s Chief Executive, said: “Our customers in Wales will be able to enjoy the lowest combined average bills in the land for another for another five years.

“For just over 80p a day, our customers will be able to enjoy all the clean water they need for washing, cooking and cleaning, while we also take away all of their waste water without them even noticing.

“At the same time as ensuring our bills remain great value for money, we’ll also be investing millions of pounds in a whole range of schemes to make our service even better. We also believe that, by investing in new pipes and reservoirs, and by helping clean up our rivers, we’re building a lasting legacy for generations to come while doing the right thing for our customers.”

The new investment includes £2.5m to improve 46km of river water quality, and over £1m in biodiversity, the majority of which will be spent in Lake Vyrnwy to enhance the visitor experience and to restore 450ha of upland peat bog.