Hafren Dyfrdwy pulls out all the stops to keep hospital’s water supply on after burst pipe

Earlier today teams from Hafren Dyfrdwy were on hand at Montgomery County Infirmary (Newtown Hospital) with a tanker of water to keep the hospital open while a burst pipe was fixed.

The burst pipe threatened to cut off the water supply to the hospital so the water company’s teams leapt into action and threw all of their resources at the issue.

Stuart Leach, Network Operations Lead, from Hafren Dyfrdwy, explained: “This morning we were called out to a burst pipe which was threatening the water supplies for Montgomery County Infirmary.  The last thing we wanted was the hospital to struggle to treat patients due to not having any water, so we sent our tankers to the rescue.  The tankers injected water
directly into the water pipes at the hospital and kept the water on.

“Some of our teams are getting a bit of stick at the moment for being out and about, but we want to reassure everyone that we’re only doing the jobs that are absolutely necessary to keep water supplies on, taps flowing and toilets flushing.

Hafren Dyfrdwy is still on hand, 24/7 to help anyone with a water or sewage emergency, get in touch via or 0800 085 8033.