Be egg-ceptionally kind to the sewers this Easter, says Hafren Dyfrdwy

Wednesday 31st March

In these difficult times, sitting down for a nice roast dinner this Easter can be a real comfort but Hafren Dyfrdwy would like to ask its customers to be kind to the sewer pipes that take away the area’s waste.

Hafren Dyfrdwy’s sewer blockages strategy lead, Grant Mitchell, explains: “Although families might not be able to all get together at Easter this year as they normally would, people may still be celebrating over a nice dinner. So, if you’re planning to enjoy a traditional roast lamb lunch for example, don’t forget to scrape pots, pans and plates into the bin, before washing up. And always leave leftover cooking fat to cool, before disposing of it in the bin.

“And, if your kids have got mucky from their Easter crafting or eating their chocolate Easter eggs, it’s eggstremely important that wet wipes, if that’s what you’ve used to clean them up, are put in the bin, not down the loo.”

Around 70 percent of blockages are caused by the wrong things being put down the sink and toilet. Things like fats, oils, and grease (commonly known as FOG) being rinsed down the sink with the washing up or toilet roll alternatives such as kitchen roll and wet wipes, being flushed down the toilet can cause huge problems.

When these items enter the sewer network, they can often form congealed lumps – called fatbergs, that block the pipes ­– leading to sewers overflowing and potentially causing damage to homes and the environment.

Grant added: “While many people will be tucking into their Easter treats, we’ll still have our key workers in our call centres and field teams ready to do essential jobs such as fixing burst pipes and clearing sewer blockages. So if you have an urgent water or sewage issue at any time, especially over the Bank Holiday weekend, we’ll be here, ready to deal with it.  Please tweet us @hafrendcymru, visit our website or give us a call on 0800 085 8033 and we'll be happy to help."