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What are the stages?

Currently being assessed

We're currently assessing your job to see whether we need to attend. Once we have assessed the job, the status will change.

Assessment Complete: Job raised

We've assessed your job and we need to attend, your job is now in progress.

Assessment Complete: Job closed

We've assessed your job and we will contact you to tell you why your job has been closed. This may be because the problem is now rectified, is related to an ongoing event or that it is a private problem.


With most issues, our first step is to send an engineer out to inspect it. They'll check what the problem is and work out the best way to get it fixed. It may mean they have to get a specialist to come and do the repair, or sometimes the engineer can resolve the problem there and then.

Water Quality Jobs

If you've had samples taken at your property and your status is showing as complete, please don't worry our water quality experts will be in contact with you within 10 days of the samples being taken to provide you with the results.


  • Equipment upgrade/pipe repair - One of our teams will come out to complete the repair. They may need to dig a hole to get to the pipework, and they'll leave barriers around the hole for safety.

Clean and clear site

  • Resurfacing - A team will fill in the hole and resurface it with the relevant materials.
  • Cleaning up the area - Sometimes we need to revisit the site to ensure its left to the standard we expect.

What does each status mean?

  • Planning in the work - When we book in work there can be lots of things to organise. If we need to turn the water off, we try to do it at quiet times of the day if we can, and the same goes for road closures.
  • On our way - As soon as our engineers are on the way, we'll change the status to 'on our way'.
  • On site at job location - We've arrived at the job location and will be carrying out the inspection or repair.
  • On hold - we'll be back later/we'll reschedule - Sometimes we're not able to complete the inspection or repair when we'd planned to. This could be because we couldn't get access, or in some extreme cases when we've had a big emergency somewhere near by that we needed to make safe. We'll try to come back later in the day or as soon as we can the next day, otherwise we'll reschedule.
  • No longer needed - Things may have changed from when we first booked in your job, so we don't need this anymore.
  • Completed - This part of your job is done!

Your job has now been completed, but we may still need to clear up the area which can take up to two days.