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Here2Help Scheme application



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Data Protection

Hafren Dyfrdwy will process your data as set out in our privacy notice.

The purpose of the data collection is to allow us to provide appropriate support using the available schemes to manage your account and debt under the lawful basis of legitimate interest. 

Please contact if you have any questions, concerns or complaints about this privacy notice.


We would like to contact you in the future to find out what you thought of the service you have received here. This helps us to improve our service for others.


Please provide the total annual household income for all adults.


The following sections will be excluded and should NOT be counted as available income for Here2Help.

Please note we only offer Direct Debit on a fortnighlty and monthly basis. If you would like to pay weekly please choose a Watercard as your payment option.

Please provide 3 months of evidence to support your income

  1. All documents must clearly show your name and address as well as the amounts you receive.
  2. If you are sending a DWP or HMRC letter to confirm the benefits received, the letter must be less than 1 year old and clearly show the weekly/monthly payment
  3. If you are sending proof of Universal Credit, you must provide all pages of the breakdown showing how your Universal Credit has been calculated.
  4. If you are sending wage slips, they must be recent and consecutive. We also need you to send a minimum of 3 in total.
  5. If you are sending a bank statement it must be dated within the last 3 months and show all household income and amounts received.

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