Better water quality

Our rivers are more than simply the source of our water

Rivers are the beating heart of our land and places where we can come together and celebrate nature. They do so much for the communities around them. As a water company, we know that we can do more to protect and improve the health of the rivers.

Our business is plumbed into our country’s landscape so, our river health is essential to the communities we serve. That’s why we are not only protecting rivers, but we are going beyond that and enhancing them – for our children, and our children’s children too. 

In July 2022, we joined ‘Get River Positive’ and teamed up with Severn Trent and Anglian Water, agreeing to work together and improve the quality of rivers and other open water across England and Wales. As part of our commitment to improving water quality across the UK we announced five pledges that will directly improve the quality of river water throughout our region. 

We have pledged to...

We’ll be reporting in on these pledges to let you know how we’re performing against them and to make sure you can keep us to our promises.

Check back in January 2023 for more updates. For now, you can read the other ways we’re working to make rivers a more enjoyable place for everyone. 

Working together for our rivers

We work best when we work together. That’s why we’ve joined forces with other organisations to form the Better River Quality Taskforce:

Together, we will look at how we all manage the water environment in Wales and set out detailed plans to drive rapid change and improvement. Afonydd Cymru and Consumer Council for Water are providing independent advice to the taskforce, offering insight and challenge from a stakeholder and customer perspective.

Find out how we’re doing

Public understanding and engagement

We need to develop and improve public understanding of overflows and their interaction with other water quality issues. Customer and stakeholder engagement should also be used to inform the understanding of how people relate to their rivers and environment. Alongside this, how people can be motivated to take action to reduce their own impacts on water quality.

As a company, we will commit to undertaking co-ordinated and prominent communication in partnership with the other Taskforce members. We will help to improve the understanding of the function overflows play in preventing flooding to properties in a combined sewerage system. This communication must also highlight how customer and stakeholder behaviour directly impacts the effectiveness of the network - that sewer misuse can lead to environmental harm.

We will work with the other Taskforce members to develop a package of advice and tools regarding sewer misuse, sewer misconnection and blockage reduction.

Our Storm Overflow Map

We constantly monitor the performance of our stom overflows. This map will show you detail about each of the storm overflows across our region.

Our overflows have monitors in place and we want to share with you the information that we get.

Get in touch about our river plans

We know there might be something specific you want to hear about, or that you might even want to help.

Please get in touch if you have thoughts or suggestions.