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Regulatory performance

Every year we publish information about our performance and you can find our full library of current and historic documents here.

We are now in the fourth year of our business plan for 2015-20. We made 45 performance commitments in our original business plan.  In addition, on 1 July 2018, following the
change in our boundary to align with the English – Welsh boundary, we acquired 11 performance commitments relating to our customers in Chester.  Our Annual Performance Report sets out how well we’ve performed against our commitments during the year. This year it also includes our Board’s Risk and compliance statement and Assurance summary.

In July 2019 we republished the summary versions of our Annual Performance Report for our customers to include comments from our Customer Challenge Group.

  • Annual Performance Report - 2018/19
  • Annual Performance Report 2018/19 – a summary for our customers - Welsh language
  • Annual Performance Report 2018/19 – a summary for our customers - English language


In addition, we also publish statutory accounting information for Severn Trent Water in our Annual Report and Accounts:

  • Annual Report and Accounts 2018/19 (PDF)  

We want to make sure that our customers and stakeholders can rely on the information in our Annual Performance Report and other information we publish. We have reviewed our assurance processes in Hafren Dyfrdwy and aligned these to the robust processes which are applied across the Severn Trent Group.

Our statement of risks, strengths and weaknesses sets out the main areas of risk we identified to the information we publish. We developed and assurance plan - first draft for consultation, and then final - to address them. Our assurance summary sets out the main findings from our assurance this year.


Severn Trent’s group structure

Severn Trent’s code on complying with Ofwat’s principles is to continue to comply with the UK Corporate Governance Code at ST Plc level.

The Hafren Dyfrdwy board can be found here.

This chart sets out the ownership structure within the Severn Trent group, showing those companies that connect our regulated and operating companies to Severn Trent Plc.  
All entities are incorporated in England and Wales and are 100% owned unless otherwise stated.