About Us


Biodiversity is all about protecting and enhancing the
amazing variety of life on Earth. It is crucial for functioning ecosystems that
provide us with products and services without which we couldn’t live.

As a company, many of our everyday activities have an impact
on the environment, so we have a huge opportunity to make a positive difference
to the biodiversity in our region. We want to minimise any negative impacts we
have on the environment, and to help build resilience into our ecosystems to
sustain them for future generations.

Working with organisations such as the Wildlife Trust, we’ll
be encouraging local communities to help us improve biodiversity in areas
covering the equivalent of 650 football pitches.

We’re also working alongside Natural Resources Wales, the
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), local wildlife trusts and
neighbouring water companies. This allows us to deliver our commitment through
partnerships that involve volunteering from our employees and local

The Environment (Wales) Act 2016 requires us to “maintain and enhance biodiversity” and “promote the resilience of ecosystems”. This will ensure that biodiversity is always an integral part of our business plans. In December 2019, we submitted our first report to Welsh Government. This sets out what actions we have taken to date, and what we are planning in order to meet this duty.





Improving Biodiversity

  • 4 major habitats cleared of invasive species
  • 450 hectares improved for biodiversity over 5 years
  • 65 hectares of conifer plantation returned to blanket bog
  • 92% customer support for biodiversity improvements
  • 50% match funded 'Boost for Biodiversity' capital grant scheme

Our Reservoirs and Visitor Experience sites

In our region of Wales, we have two spectacular visitor sites for you to enjoy; and there's something for everyone! From bird watching and fishing, to cycling, walking and watersports, you can do as much or as little as you like at our reservoirs.