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Protect your pipes

Our job is to take care of all the public water and waste pipes outside of our customers property boundaries, but our care doesn't just end there. We know how distressing and costly burst pipes can be when they happen - that's why we're committed to helping you protect the pipes on your property. Read our tips on how to protect them from the cold, so you can continue to enjoy your water all winter long.



Our top tips

Insulate your pipes

Pipes can be exposed to freezing temperatures if they’re in a part of your home that isn’t heated. And when pipes freeze, it can lead to bursts – so it's really worthwhile protecting them to prevent them from freezing in the first place.

To do this, we recommend that any water pipes which are exposed to cold temperatures -  such as those in the loft or in outside buildings like garages and out-houses - should be protected with lagging. This  helps to keep your pipes cosy and warm, reducing the risk of them freezing.

Cover your outside tap

Don't forget to protect your outdoor tap too!

Get prepared now and don't let the cold catch you out  - as soon as Jack Frost makes an unannounced visit - it could leave you with a frozen tap, increasing the risk of a burst pipe.

Covering it up from the cold can massively reduce this risk. Also, covering with the pipe (with lagging) that leads up to the tap helps increase the level of protection too.

Find your stop tap

If there’s a burst pipe at home, the fastest way to stop the flow is to turn your stop tap off. But do you know where yours is? If not, take a few minutes to try and find it. Normally they’re under the kitchen sink or in the downstairs toilet – but may also be in a utility room or garage.

If your home has a water storage tank – the sort normally found in the loft or airing cupboard – it may have an additional stop tap or valve near to the tank itself. This will shut off the water supply to your hot water system.

If you still can’t find your stop tap or shut off the water, try asking a neighbour who has a similar property to see if they can point you to the right place.

Once your stop tap has been located, it's worth checking it works, as sometimes they can seize up if not used often. The last thing you want in a burst pipe situation is a stiff stop tap!

If you see a leak, tell us right away!

We're working hard to prevent leaks and burst on our network, we are out during the day and night looking for and fixing leaks.

If you spot a leak while you're out and about, we'd like to know about it so we can get it fixed as quickly as possible.