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Formally served by Dee Valley Water, this county covers the city of Wrexham and the surrounding area. It is a mixture of rural and urban regions and serves around 77,000 properties with a water only service.

Within Wrexham we’ve had a really strong year on supply interruptions, coming ahead of our commitment to customers for the second year in a row, and leakage coming in well ahead of target.​

Our performance has dipped this year receiving 200 contacts about discoloured water (1.32 per 1,000 population). We’ve been working hard to remove sediment from our trunk mains using a technique called ice-pigging. This is a non-invasive method for cleaning water mains that uses slush ice to remove deposits from inside our pipes.  We’ve cleaned over 17 km of trunk main and removed more than 2 tonnes of deposits! ​

We had a disappointing year on mean zonal compliance. We’ll no longer be reporting this measure in future as it’s being replaced by the Drinking Water Inspectorates new measure, the Compliance Risk Index. In Hafren Dyfrdwy our outturn position for 2019, including Wrexham, was 0.325; which is an excellent result in the industry. ​

This year brought an AMP spanning water quality risk management programme to a close, culminating in the delivery of two large capital reservoir schemes; the replacement of Sugn-y-Pwll and a new reservoir at Llangollen. The new assets will reduce the water quality risk to customers, improve the resilience of water supplies for local communities for generations to come. ​

Our customers tell us they want low bills, less sewer flooding and high quality water at the turn of a tap. We know we need to do more, providing customers a great core service – clean safe drinking water that is always there and taking the waste away recycling it back into the environment – understanding that when things do go wrong we need to provide a service that is tailored to their unique situation. ​

We’ve a strong social purpose and believe that we should always strive to add value to the communities we serve today whilst ensuring sustainable services for the benefit of future generations.