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Formally served by Severn Trent Water, this county covers Powys and Monmouthshire. It is mainly rural in nature and serves around 27,000 customers for both water and wastewater services.

Supporting our customers & our community ​
Every day we take care of one of life’s essentials on behalf of the customers we serve. We play an important role in our communities ensuring that everyone has affordable access to safe, reliable drinking water and adding value engaging and educating our customers.​

Offering financial support to our customers is more important now than ever before. We’ve been working hard to identify customers in our region who need our support. This year we’ve been working in partnership with organisations such as Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations, Warm Wales and Newydd and Mid-Wales Housing. This collaboration has helped us reach 25% more customers that were struggling to pay their bills than we targeted. ​

Delivering exceptional waste service performance​
We know that an escape of sewage from our wastewater network is one of the worst service failures that can occur. Whether it’s in a customers’ property, or impacting the environment, it is clearly a priority for us to make improvements.​

This year it was the wastewater part of our network that has been most impacted by the severe wet weather we experienced over the autumn and winter period.  At times the wastewater network would become overloaded as rainfall fell on already saturated ground, this increased the risk of flooding for our customers. Our continued focus from the operational teams ensured that we minimised the impact this would have on our customers and the environment  While incidents on our wastewater network are rare, when they do occur, we’re not going to be happy until we get as close to zero incidents as possible. ​

Improving our Water Service Performance ​
We look after every drop of water all the way from our upland catchments to the customer’s tap. We want our product to arrive in the best condition, and as little as possible to be lost along the way. ​

We’ve seen notable year on year improvement on some of the core water service such as leakage and supply interruptions. But there is no room for complacency. Customers have told us that leakage is a key priority for them, as it demonstrates that we are playing our part to ensure there is enough water to meet future demands. ​