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How do we compare?

Its important that our customers and stakeholders have a clear and simple view of our performance. Both against the targets we committed to and how we compare to other water companies.

We have selected a range of measures where we have comparable information to compare ourselves to water companies in England and Wales. Its important to understand that these comparable measures combine performance in Powys and Wrexham, they also may be slightly different to the measures we report our performance against, so the values will not match. Across the industry there are a number of bespoke measures which have been developed to target specific improvements in more local issues, but the eight measures below are common across all companies. 

In the charts the grey area shows the range of performance across all companies; the yellow lines represent the average performance for the industry and the red lines are our performance.  

Discover Water

You can find our more about how water companies in England and Wales are performing on the Discover Water website.